Mark your calendars, the 2nd Annual Hope Gala to benefit the Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation is in the planning stages!  Set for January 26, 2019 The Hope Gala is our flagship event, and we are hoping it will be bigger and better than last year!  In fact, our 2019 Hope Gala sponsors are already showing amazing generosity – please keep them in mind as you make your buying decisions!

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Last year The Hope Gala set a modest goal and we ended up far exceeding it. Raising over $20,000 for the Foundation, we have been able to give back in ways we only dreamed of.  We have been able to make huge impact on income, and overall quality of life for women that have, for whatever reason, not completed high school and did not even dare to dream of college. We have partnered with educational institutions in the community and are thrilled that we have been able to make an impact locally and continue the work that Ashton was so passionate about.  The money we raised last year enabled us to provide the following:

  • In March, we granted 6 GED vouchers to women at Athens Technical College.
  • In May, we granted 3 scholarships to women who recently completed their GEDs and entered technical certification training at Athens Tech.  These scholarships not only covered tuition, but also provided money to overcome other impediments to their education, such as transportation and child care.
  • In July, we purchased and donated 40 sets of GED textbooks and test preparation aides, as well as boxes of school supplies, to the PALS program at Women to the World.  This was a critical need for the program, as the current set of books they had is outdated, and the test prep materials were used and erased over and over again.
  • In August, we funded 6 scholarships (presented 9/26/2018) for women who completed their GEDs and are entering technical certification training.  In a noteworthy sign of the success of the programs, one of the women receiving this continuing education scholarship is one of the GED Voucher recipients from March – she completed the GED, and is building more momentum going forward!
  • We have partnered with The Classic Center and Orange Theory Fitness to host Angel Trees for the women in the PALS Program.  Studies show that the women have a tendency to withdraw further from society during the holiday season because of the shame of being unable to provide for their children.   By providing holiday gifts, we remove this impediment to the women’s continuing education, and allow them to continue to build momentum throughout the year.
  • In December, we will fund a portion of the Athens Tech Roll Out Rescue Program.  This program ensures students are unable to afford to pay all of their registration fees at the time of registration, are not disenrolled.

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