Silent Auction Rules:

Each person will be given a wrist band as you check in for the Hope Gala, containing your Bidder ID Number

All Silent Auction items are numbered, with a description beside the items, as well as a clipboard with the bidding sheet.

Bidding is only by Bidder ID – please do not write your name or personal information.

There is a minimum bid for each item, and a minimum increment for increases.  Any bid below the minimum, or not meeting the minimum increase, will be invalid.

Some items have a Guaranteed Purchase amount. By placing your Bidder ID on that line, you are saying you just can’t live without the item and will pay full price for it.  If you do so, please let the Silent Auction proctor know so the item can be removed and closed out.

If a bidding sheet is full, please contact the proctor to get an additional sheet.

We will have two soft closings on the Silent Auction:

Phase 1 (highlighted in green on the bidding sheets) will close during Tre Powell’s break. You will hear a chime to indicate closing.

Phase 2 (highlighted in yellow on the bidding sheets) will close as soon as Tre Powell finishes his last song. Again, a chime will sound.

The proctor will come around and circle the winning bid. Any entry after that circled bid will not be valid.

In case of very active bidding on an item as the chime rings, we will employ a Sealed Bid to break what amounts to a tie.

All active bidders will be given the chance to submit a “best and final offer”

Offer will be written on a piece of paper, folded in half, and handed to the proctor.

The proctor will unfold all bids in front of the bidders and declare a winner.

Upon closing of bids on an item, the bidding sheets will be taken to the registration desk for closeout.

We will post all winning bidder IDs on the projection screen

If you see your number, please come to the registration desk to close out payment and collect your treasure!

In the event a winner is unable to complete their transaction, we will notify the next highest bidder that they have now won, and need to close out the transaction within 24 hours if they are still interested.

We accept payment by check, credit card, or PayPal. Please note that a check is preferred, since the other forms of payment charge fees that dilute the purpose of the event – raising money to give scholarships to those in need.

We’re all here to celebrate, and fuel, Ashton’s passion to help others. Let’s have fun, and provide a valuable community service at the same time!