For those not familiar with PALS, this is the organization where Ashton spent her time mentoring and tutoring women who have been left behind. The reason the Angel Trees are so important is that these women tend to drop out of their education programs during the Holiday season and hide in the shadows because they can’t care for their children’s needs. A simple gift, donated unwrapped so the mom can wrap it and give it to her child, will keep them in their educational program. A small gesture from someone who isn’t struggling can represent the tipping point for whether these women will succeed or withdraw. 

2018 Angel Tree

For the third year in a row we set up Angel trees for the woman and their children in the PALS program. We did a beautiful purple, silver and white tree at the Classic Center this year. Thanks so much to all who came by and took a name, or two and help us help these deserving children have a great Christmas.

We also want to thank this team of elves helping with the setup – the tree looked great!!