The Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation recognizes that we are in the midst of an existential crisis, which requires a change in our direction.  We will reallocate scholarship money to instead give grants to women who meet the following criteria:

  • Women in need of assistance as a result of job loss and the loss of income (must be directly related to the current COVID-19 outbreak) that will severely impact their ability to provide for themselves or their family.
  • Residents of Athens/Clarke County and the immediately surrounding counties
  • Note we are a small Foundation with limited resources, and will likely run out of resources long before we could meet all the need. We will do our best to help, so please be very specific in defining exactly what you need money for.
  • Please allow three days to provide a response.

Click Here To Download the Application & Email Us When Complete

If you are unable to return your application as attachment please include all required information an email and we will transpose it onto the proper form.