Kim and I give our heart-felt thanks to everyone who helped with the planning and execution of the 2018 Hope Gala.  It turned out better than we had any right to expect.  For our first year as a Foundation, and with this as our first major event, we could not have asked for more!

Check out OnlineAthens for photos of the Hope Gala

Tre Powell, Gracen Daniels, and Kira McEntire provided great song and dance entertainment.  Meanwhile, Chuck Hayes guided our evening as the Master of Ceremonies.
 Chuck “MC” Hayes and Richard Boone, Sr, closing out a winning raffle ticket

Our volunteers were so graceful and elegant, they set the tone for the evening!

LRG Provisions sponsored and served the buffet.

The beautiful decor was the creation of Brooke Daniels and Judy Manus, and setup by Brooke, Judy, Christy Leigh Wages, and Teresa Norton.  They envisioned and created a theme that was so attuned to Ashton’s style and personality, that it made it feel like Ashton was with us for the evening.

Susan and Emily LaCount made the wonderful cakes, as well as the chocolate stilettos.

On the evening of the event, everything ran like clock work because of our volunteers. They took “loose guidance” and turned it into a customer service mindset that ensured everyone had a good time.  We can’t thank them enough.  When you see them, please give them a pat on the back!

Lauri Miller and Jolene Garber were the “pit bosses” for registration, raffle ticket sales, and closing out the raffles and silent auctions

Kirsten Miller, Lindsey Thompson, Emily LaCount, Abby Payne, and Sawyer Bradford ran the registration desk, raffle operations, and everything else we asked

Christopher Jackson and Reilly Christie provided ticket sales and “roving service”

Michael Miller oversaw the silent auction

Tina Christie, Jeff Christie, Dave Jackson, and Michael Miller did the cleanup

Rachel Bailey, Susan LaCount, Wendy Jackson, and Ginny Hamilton were everywhere, solving whatever needed to be addressed at any given time!

Home.Made provided the appetizers

Planning for the Hope Gala was a months-long effort by Kim Keegan, Wendy Jackson, Faye Fleming and Chuck Hayes, Kathie Anderson, Tish Rumsey, Susan and Emily LaCount, Jolene Gerber, Brooke Daniels, Tina Christie, Kira McEntire, Ginny Hamilton, Terri Davis, Tricia Hall, Amanda and Michael Prochaska, Lauri, Kirsten, and Michael Miller, Richard Boone Jr, and others.  The Board of Directors of the Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation thank each and every one of them!

We ask that everyone look at the vast list of contributors that made the Gala such a success. When you are making decisions on where to eat dinner, or shop, or take your pets, please remember these generous people and businesses that volunteered their time and money for this greater cause, and give them a hand too.