Ashton focused her life on others – always asking questions and always willing to learn and open her mind to new and exciting challenges. As she grew into an adult, she chose as her life goal to be someone who would always help and never hurt. When she saw a need, she found a way and the passion to help. Although her life was cut short on August 21st, 2016, she still has a great story to tell. Click here to learn more about Ashton.

We established the Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation on December 15th, 2016, four months after losing Ashton in an auto accident. Her passion for educating women who had been left behind is what drives us every day. Receiving our 501(c)3 status was the first step in creating a lasting legacy around this passion.

Our Foundation has no paid positions and no office space.  All donations directly support our mission, and all donations will support women in the local Athens area.

Please view a personal message from Ashton’s parents, Ed and Kim Keegan. #ASHTONSENTUS

Join us to help make a difference!


Our Core Values:

We are PASSIONATE about providing learning resources

We are EMPATHETIC to women needing resources

We are RESOURCEFUL in finding the means to fulfill our goals

We are GOOD STEWARDS to ensure we fulfill the goals of both the donors and students


Our Vision:

Our vision is a community where all women and their children can prosper


Our Mission Statement

To break the cycle of generational poverty for women in Athens and the surrounding counties by providing technical training scholarships, providing grants for materials support, and aligning with strategic partners.


Ashton Sent Us To HELP : Hope – Empower – Learn – Prosper

The Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation is registered in Candid (formerly GuideStar) and has earned the Platinum Seal of Transparency every year. Please view our metrics for our activities and impacts in our GuideStar Profile.