2019: The Year in Review

As in 2018, our 2019 Hope Gala started our year off in a way that exceeded our wildest dreams.  Because of the community's generosity, we were able to raise more than $36,000 this year.  That means were were able to double both the number of scholarships we awarded, and double the amount of each scholarship.

What made the Hope Gala especially special was that we partnered with Athens Technical College to have the students in the Interior Design school do all the planning and execution of the decor for the Hope Gala.  We also had two students in the Hotel, Restaurant, and Event Planning school do an internship with us to help plan the Gala.  The result was an amazing event, with the added benefit that these students go to show off their talents to the leaders in our community.  We couldn't be prouder of them!

In April, we awarded post-GED technical training scholarships to six women who enrolled in Athens Technical College.

In May, we partnered with the Rotary Club of Athens to jointly award two scholarships to two young ladies at the Athens Community Career Academy.  In addition, we were able to also award them two Ashton Hope Keegan Scholarships!

In September, we awarded an additional 11 post-GED scholarships, and 4 GED scholarships.  We will post pictures as soon as we get them!

In October, we will finalize our partnering with the PALS program at Women to the World (where Ashton did her volunteer teaching) as they start a new computer Learning Lab, named in honor of Ashton.  This lab will enable "Ashton's Ladies" to do on-line GED course work and practice tests, as well as learn the Microsoft Office suite of tools in preparation for administrative jobs.

Throughout the year, we also awarded several other scholarships to students in need, including a young lady at the University of North GA, and a teaching student who just completed her studies but didn't have the funds to take her certification test.

We are also working with the Oconee County Animal Shelter to provide two scholarships to young women who want to become Road Officers for the county.  This will provide a direct, tangible service to this community, as well as providing gainful employment for these two young ladies.

Distinguished Service Award:

In October, 2019, we were recognized by the Technical College Foundation Association of Georgia with their Distinguished Service Award!

The Distinguished Service Award is designed to showcase past and continued generosity, commitment and dedication to the foundations and colleges of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG).  The award provides an opportunity for local foundations and colleges to express appreciation for the significant contributions made by individuals, foundations, businesses and corporations during TCFA’s 2019 fiscal year (July 2018 through June 2019).

The recipients of the TCFA Distinguished Service Award embody the ideals of philanthropy, volunteerism, and leadership in the service of Georgia’s technical colleges.

Kim and Ed, representing everyone who support's the Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation, accepting the Technical Colleges Foundation Association 2019 Distinguished Service Award.

2018: The Year in Review

The 2018 Hope Gala set a modest goal and we ended up far exceeding it. Raising over $20,000 for the Foundation, we have been able to give back in ways we only dreamed of.  We have been able to make huge impact on income, and overall quality of life for women that have, for whatever reason, not completed high school and did not even dare to dream of college. We have partnered with educational institutions in the community and are thrilled that we have been able to make an impact locally and continue the work that Ashton was so passionate about.  The money we raised in 2018 enabled us to provide the following:

- In March, we granted 6 GED vouchers to women at Athens Technical College.

- In May, we granted 3 scholarships to women who recently completed their GEDs and entered technical certification training at Athens Tech.  These scholarships not only covered tuition, but also provided money to overcome other impediments to their education, such as transportation and child care.

- In July, we purchased and donated 40 sets of GED textbooks and test preparation aides, as well as boxes of school supplies, to the PALS program at Women to the World.  This was a critical need for the program, as the current set of books they had is outdated, and the test prep materials were used and erased over and over again.

- In August, we funded 6 scholarships for women who completed their GEDs and are entering technical certification training.  In a noteworthy sign of the success of the programs, one of the women receiving this continuing education scholarship is one of the GED Voucher recipients from March - she completed the GED, and is building more momentum going forward!

- We partnered with The Classic Center and Orange Theory Fitness to host our third annual set of Angel Trees for the women in the PALS Program.  Studies show that the women have a tendency to withdraw further from society during the holiday season because of the shame of being unable to provide for their children.   By providing holiday gifts, we remove this impediment to the women’s continuing education, and allow them to continue to build momentum throughout the year.

- In December, we funded a portion of the Athens Tech Roll Out Rescue Program.  This program ensures students are unable to afford to pay all of their registration fees at the time of registration, are not disenrolled. 

September 26, 2018:

We had the privilege of presenting an additional six post-GED scholarships at Athens Technical College!  These women ranged in age, background, and interests, but all had one thing in common - the drive to continue their education after completing their GEDs.  

Just before we started the presentations, the Athens Technical College Board of Directors and President gave us a tremendous honor, and presented us their Donor of the Year award!  Ashton would be so proud that her legacy is still making such a difference in the community!

Breanna Padgett
Breanna Padgett
18.09.26 Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation Scholarships 070 copy
18.09.26 Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation Scholarships 137
Donor of the Year Award from Athens Technical Collete
Donor of the Year Award from Athens Technical Collete
18.09.26 Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation Scholarships 032
Dr. Andrea Daniel
Dr. Andrea Daniel

August 11, 2018, Watermelon Party:  We had a great, family-friendly watermelon party with our friends at Southern Brewing Company.  Kids of all ages had a blast playing games, eating at the food trucks, a listening to the kicking band.  And, of course, we had great beer!  Special thanks to the Southern Brewing Company for brewing a special watermelon beer, just for this event!

The event not only generated a great opportunity for the community to come together, but it also raised enough money to fully fund another continuing education scholarship for a woman who completed her GED and will now get technical training to immediately enter the workforce.  Thank you all!


Women to the World GED Books Donation

August 3, 2018: GED Preparation Books and Study Guides

We presented 40 sets of GED Prep books and Study Guides to the PALS Program, where Ashton spent her free time teaching GED classes.  It represented a significant increase in our community's ability to sustain the GED training classes, as now each student got their own set of books and electronic study guides.  Twenty more sets of books are on back order, and will be delivered once they come available.  We can feel the momentum build, and feel Ashton smiling down as "her ladies" continue to progress!


May 2018: Ashton Hope Keegan Continuing Education Scholarship presentations!
On May 2, 2018 we had the enormous honor of presenting these three women with a scholarship from Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation so that they may continue to achieve their goals.  Partnering with Athens Technical College, we have been working to identify women that have the desire to continue their education, but are at risk for losing their momentum due to circumstances beyond their control.  Whether it be cost of materials, books, vaccinations, transportation or childcare, the vouchers presented to these women can be used to help with those costs that traditional scholarships and financial aid cannot.  We cannot wait to follow the journey these women are on!
May 2018 Scholarship Presentations

March 23, 2018, GED Scholarship presentations!  

On March 23, 2018, the Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation was able to award six GED Scholarship vouchers to students at Athens Technical College.  These students represent everything Ashton stood for- they faced a challenge, and decided to overcome that challenge.  They focused on success, and took the initiative to earn that success.  The Foundation is so proud of them, and looks forward to seeing them cross the stage when they complete their GED!

We would like to thank Stephanie Benson, Vice President for Adult Education at Athens Technical College, and Antoine Boynton, Executive Director of Public Relations and The Athens Tech Foundation, for making this partnership a success.  We look forward to making a difference in many more women's lives with these scholarships!

Amy White is "a single mother of three, work three jobs to make ends meet, and am trying my best to get my GED to better myself for my children."  Her life goal "is to accomplish getting my LPN, and to show my children that at any age you can accomplish your dreams."

Amy White GED Check Presentation March 23 2018 v2

Demetria Dowdy's mom always told her she should achieve greatness for herself first, then for others.  That advice resonated, and she is now pursuing the GED to proved she can achieve something big in her life.  She has always had a passion and talent for drawing; after her GED, she wants to get into animation and cartoons for a career.

Demetria Dowdy GED Check Presentation March 23 2018

Viviana Suarez was forced to drop out of school after a death in her family.  Faced with adult responsibilities, she needed to work.  However, she decided to put a priority on her education because, as she says, "...my education is so much more important than some full time job because education will always be there unlike a job."

Viviana Suarez GED Check Presentation March 23 2018

Angel Trees for Christmas 2017!

The Ashton Hope Keegan foundation is so thankful for all who contributed to the three Angel Trees this year!  When we started, we had the names of all of the kids on the tree, with the goal of ensuring each of them got a gift.

Orange Theory hosted two of the trees, and Krimson Cafe hosted the third.  By the end of the first day, we got a call saying all of the names are taken, and people are asking for more!  We added all of the names again - and they were again all taken.  In the end, the community donated more than 70 gifts, plus some cash donations, in just over one week!

Due to the generosity of the Athens/Oconee communities, each child on this year's Angel Tree list will get two gifts instead of one!

Thank you, Orange Theory, for hosting the Angel Trees!
Angel Tree 2
Angel Tree 1
Donation to PALS program

In late August, 2017, the Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation met its first goal, making a donation to Women to the World's PALS program.  The donation provided the funding and supplies needed to get 3 women through their GED program.

The donation was one week before the first anniversary of Ashton's death, and represented the continuation of Ashton's work as a tutor and mentor to the women in this program.  These women were at the center of Ashton's heart, and knowing that she continued to make a difference in their lives would have made her happy.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY is celebrated as PALS students continue climbing the ladder to higher learning and literacy through Women to the World. Thank you, Athens, for your incredible support for each woman photographed here today. You have provided scholarships for all the brave women enrolled at PALS.

Happy International Women's Day!

W2TW PALS Program
WTTW Christmas

Christmas Party for the women in the PALS program, December 2015.  Lots of fun, lots of food, and lots of laughs for children of all ages!