On September 26, 2018 we had the privilege of presenting an additional six post-GED scholarships at Athens Technical College!  These women ranged in age, background, and interests, but all had one thing in common – the drive to continue their education.  They are all learning trades which will give them the certifications to immediately enter the job market.

In a noteworthy sign of the success of the programs, one of the women receiving this continuing education scholarship is one of the GED Voucher recipients from March – she completed the GED, and is building more momentum going forward!  In her application, she stated that, like the GED, this technical certification is also not a destination, but is a way-point.  She will not spend the rest of her life working for someone else – she will start her own business.  Given her drive and spirit, there is no doubt in our minds that she will succeed!

Breanna Padgett
Dr. Andrea Daniel