On March 23, 2018, the Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation was able to award six GED Scholarship vouchers to students at Athens Technical College.  These students represent everything Ashton stood for- they faced a challenge, and decided to overcome that challenge.  They focused on success, and took the initiative to earn that success.  The Foundation is so proud of them, and looks forward to seeing them cross the stage when they complete their GED!

We would like to thank Stephanie Benson, Vice President for Adult Education at Athens Technical College, and Antoine Boynton, Executive Director of Public Relations and The Athens Tech Foundation, for making this partnership a success.  We look forward to making a difference in many more women’s lives with these scholarships!

Amy White is “a single mother of three, work three jobs to make ends meet, and am trying my best to get my GED to better myself for my children.”  Her life goal “is to accomplish getting my LPN, and to show my children that at any age you can accomplish your dreams.”

Amy White GED Check Presentation March 23 2018 v2

Demetria Dowdy‘s mom always told her she should achieve greatness for herself first, then for others.  That advice resonated, and she is now pursuing the GED to proved she can achieve something big in her life.  She has always had a passion and talent for drawing; after her GED, she wants to get into animation and cartoons for a career.

Demetria Dowdy GED Check Presentation March 23 2018

Viviana Suarez was forced to drop out of school after a death in her family.  Faced with adult responsibilities, she needed to work.  However, she decided to put a priority on her education because, as she says, “…my education is so much more important than some full time job because education will always be there unlike a job.”

Viviana Suarez GED Check Presentation March 23 2018