Our 2019 Hope Gala team was simply amazing!  They took all the lessons learned from 2018, plus some new ideas, and crafted an even that was elegant, fun, and flawless.  It’s hard to believe all of this was done by volunteers…

Leading the way was Wendy Jackson at Hot Coffee & a Keyboard.  When it came to project management, Wendy was always on top of everything – from planning, to printing, to advertising, to graphic design, she covered it all.

Lauri Miller also deserves special recognition as our volunteer coordinator.  She herded the cats, managed all the details, and led our team during execution of the Gala.

This year we partnered with Athens Technical College for the decor in the Rialto Room.  The faculty at Athens Tech embraced the idea that the students could run a live event as a part of their curriculum, and it was an amazing success.

  • Shelby Wharton led the team from the Hotel, Restaurant, and Event Management class, which also included Rae Merritt.
  • Kaytlen Page led the team from the Interior Design class, which included Rebecca Avery, Bella Goodwin, Hui Wang, Catherine Irwin, Karen Kirkpatrick, Vanessa Murray, Miriam Pena, Yaneth Robles Moreno, Kim Roche, and Stephanie Ross.  These ladies came up with the concepts for the theme for the Gala, and then did all the design work to take the concept to reality the night of the event.
  • We also want to thank Vanessa Murray and Tinsley Ballard for providing the violin music throughout the evening.

Chuck Hayes continued his command performance as our MC, and he nailed it again!  Take a look at the event photos!

19.1.26 Keegan Foundation Gala 029
Aperture: 4
Camera: Canon EOS 50D
Iso: 1000
Orientation: 1
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Our event was a year-long effort, and the following people all contributed throughout the planning and execution, most filling multiple roles, and all responding to whatever crisis or off the wall suggestion we had with grace and a can-do attitude.

  • Lauri, Michael, Kirsten, and Megan Miller
  • Wendy, Dave, Robbie, and Chris Jackson
  • Susan and Emily LaCount
  • Lindsey Thompson
  • Sawyer Bradford
  • Tina and Jeff Christie
  • Allison and Becca Clower
  • Lori Crook, Matt Miceli, and Ori Miceli
  • Deborah Manoll
  • Faye Fleming
  • Jolene Garber
  • James Hamilton
  • Trina Rhyne
  • Rachel Sigler and Thibault Leudet
  • Lydia Kavis
  • Kathie Anderson
  • Alia Ghosheh
  • Dr. Joey Carter
  • Rachel Bailey and Miles Anderson
  • Ben Rouse