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Our Goal:

Although the women we serve today are struggling for subsistence, our goal is that they and their children will soon be able to strive for their dreams.

Mission Statement:

Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation provides resources to empower women who strive to better their lives through education and job training.


Dear Sponsors, Donors, Friends, and Community,

   The success of the 2019 Hope Gala allowed us to greatly expand our services and scholarships for this year.  We invite you to view some of the success stories this year provided, and come back later to see some additional initiatives we will complete in the next few months.

We are now starting the planning and execution of the 2020 Hope Gala, to be held on January 25th, 2020, at the Rialto Room of Hotel Indigo.  We look forward to another year of good food, fun, and entertainment, with the extra benefit that all proceeds will be used to provide educational opportunities to women in our community who have been left behind.  Please check back on the Hope Gala page regularly, as we build yet another wonderful and memorable event!

The Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation Board of Directors

Ashton's Passion is why we exist

Ashton focused her life on others - always asking questions and always willing to learn and open her mind to new and exciting challenges.    As she grew into an adult she chose her life goal to be someone who would help and never hurt.  Where she saw a need, she found a way and a passion to help.  Although her life was cut short on August 21st, 2016, she still has a great story to tell.  Click here to really get to know Ashton.