Mission Statement:

Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation provides resources to empower women who strive to better their lives through education and job training.

Dear Sponsors, Donors, Friends, and Community,

   Thank you so much for the your support of the 2019 Hope Gala!  For those that were able to attend, we were treated to an evening of good food, good friends, and lots of entertainment. 

  As a result of your generosity, we raised over $36,000 for scholarships and educational support this year, a 60% increase over last year. The real measure of merit, though, isn’t the money, it’s the opportunities the money enables.  Although the women we are helping today may be striving for subsistence, our goal is to ensure they and their children can strive for their dreams. 

   Thank you for your continuous efforts on behalf of Ashton's Foundation to make that goal a reality. 

The Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation Board of Directors

Ashton's Passion is why we exist

Ashton focused her life on others - always asking questions and always willing to learn and open her mind to new and exciting challenges.    As she grew into an adult she chose her life goal to be someone who would help and never hurt.  Where she saw a need, she found a way and a passion to help.  Although her life was cut short on August 21st, 2016, she still has a great story to tell.  Click here to really get to know Ashton.