Board of Directors Application Form

Thank you for your interest in serving as a member of the Board of Directors of The Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation. As a board member, you’ll be part of a group of decision-makers and can influence the current and future shape of our foundation. Completing this form will help you understand the skills and time/resource commitments of this position. You may find it helpful to read through the entire application and Board Member Responsibilities before you begin filling it out. This application will be kept confidential and on file. Applications are used by the Board to identify and evaluate potential board candidates. All new directors are elected by a majority vote of current board members.

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Board members are the fiduciaries who steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure the nonprofit has adequate resources to advance its mission


The number of directors shall be not fewer than three (3) nor more than fifteen (15) as may be designated from time to time by resolution of a majority of the entire Board of Directors. Selected from among the fifteen (15) directors’ positions, there shall be a minimum three (3) officers as required by Georgia Law (Board President, Board Secretary, Board Treasurer). The roles and qualifications of these Officers, and any additional officers, shall be determined by the Board in its policies.

Term of Office

The term of office of each elected director shall be three years with a two (2) year minimum for continuity. Elected directors may be elected for less than a full three-year term for the purpose of filling vacancies or staggering terms of office. Elected directors shall be elected at the end of their term or annually as required by the board of directors at the annual September board meeting. The term of each Officer shall commence with the date of the annual meeting of the Board of Directors and last for one year. Annually, prior to the commencement of each term, the Board shall conduct a canvas to ascertain the interest of Board members in the Officer positions. If additional Board members express interest in an Officer position, all interested candidates shall make a presentation to the Board outlining their objectives for the role. The Board shall then vote, with a majority selecting the Officer. This process shall apply to both filling a vacant Office and changing an existing Officer. Each officer, including elected directors, shall serve until the conclusion of the annual meeting for the year in which their respective terms expire, or until their successor is duly elected or until the officer’s resignation, death, or removal.

Board Member Responsibilities

  • Attend 12 monthly board meetings held the first Monday of each month @ 5:30PM held downstairs of the Oconee Chamber of Commerce
  • Members will be solicited for cash or in-kind donations, with a goal of achieving 100% participation, and the donation amount is optional, but board members are encouraged to consider giving at a leadership level.
  • Actively serve on a committee
  • Participate in our two annual fundraisers
  • Attend annual board retreat, usually held on a Saturday
  • Promote, advocate and serve as an ambassador securing financial resources and partnerships necessary for the organization to advance its mission
  • Suggest nominees & participate in board and committee recruitment
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