The Meaning Behind “Ashton Sent Us”

“Ashton Sent Us” is the mantra of those of us who were fortunate enough to have known Ashton Hope Keegan and now for those who have learned about her since we lost her. We lost Ashton in an auto accident on August 21, 2016 at the age of 23. She was a UGA graduate. And had just started an accelerated Master’s/PhD program at UGA in Interracial Communication and Social Justice. More importantly, though, Ashton was a force for good in our community. We needed to carry on her legacy by doing good for others thus keeping Ashton’s passions alive. Ashton was passionate about helping others and lifting up the ones who seemed to be silently left behind. She was a mentor and tutor for woman who had been left behind economically. She taught “her ladies” math and english skills to prepare them for their GED test. She also mentored them on how to dress professionally, how to interview, how to look people in the eye with confidence, and all the other skills needed to bring them out of the economic shadows with confidence. Ashton did all this while wearing her signature stiletto’s. Her happiest day was the day the first of “her ladies” passed the GED and was able to qualify for a better job. Because of her love for animals, she also started the animal foster programs at the animal shelters both in Colorado Springs and most recently, Oconee County Animal Shelter in 2014. Her legacy is literally saving the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats that may not have had a chance for life and were placed in loving homes, where they got a second chance at life. With Ashton’s passing, our community lost a passionate leader; “Ashton Sent Us” represents our commitment to make Ashton’s passion, our passion. We will continue to live the life Ashton would have lived and go forward in her name to embrace her causes. And when people ask why a good deed is done and why we do what we do, the answer will be “because Ashton Sent Us.”

Thank you for your support,

Ashton’s Mom and Dad

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